What is a lapel pin?

July 12, 2021 By Martin Lapel Pins 0

A lapel pin is a small pin worn on an article of clothing or sometimes placed on an accessory such as a bag or hat. It gets its name, lapel pin, from being most commonly placed on the lapel of a dress jacket. If you aren’t aware, the lapel of a dress jacket or sports coat is the part of the collar that folds on each side and is above the 2-3 buttons at the front of the coat. The lapel pin is usually placed on the corner of a jacket and symbolizes something very important to the gentleman or lady that is wearing it. Lapel pins can certainly be considered a formal way of showing rank in a society as young as girl/boy scouts up to our United States government officials. We recommend wearing a lapel pin with an uniform or formal attire. As the name suggests, a lapel pin looks especially professional on the lapel of a sports coat/ dress jacket, however, it can be worn informally as well such as on a baseball cap or on a campus backpack perhaps. 

What can I wear with my lapel pin? 

The best accessories that go with a lapel pin are ties, bowties, pocket squares and handkerchiefs. But most importantly, it works best with a good-looking sports coat or dress jacket. Formal wear makes this pin really stand out. It’s like the cherry on top of the ice cream! Sometimes people will even wear the pin on the front of their hat. There are also embellishments for the front of the pin you can add such as a bobble pin, dangler pin, flocking, LED pin, lenticular pin, pin on pin, slider pin, and spinner pin.

Why do people wear lapel pins? 

There are so many reasons why people wear these, some wear their pins as a requirement to enter into a building, sort of like an VIP invitation only you can possess. As briefly mentioned, lapel pins are also used in businesses, corporations, and political parties to show the top achievements in memberships that a person has gained. Lapel pins are also used in employee recognition programs. They are often given to show that an employee or member of the business/organization/corporation has leveled up within that facility. In a way, lapel pins are a fashion statement as well and also to let your peers know you are moving up the ladder. Also, sometimes people will wear a lapel pin in support of something. For example, you take pride in your country, then perhaps, you would like wearing an American Flag lapel pin

When do people wear lapel pins?

People wear lapel pins at weddings, in business meetings and retreats, clubs, at funerals, during interviews, and ,as mentioned, our U.S.officials specifically to show their branch or department in our government. There are also different branches in our military (the Navy, the Army, the Air Force, or space force) that wear lapel pins on a daily basis on the front of their uniforms. 

Is there one type that is best? 

Actually, there are many different ways now that a lapel pin can be manufactured. These include: old photo etched, photo domed, screen-printed, Four Color processing, molded/casted, die-struck, soft enamel, and hard enamel. Depending on the detail in the logo will determine which type of lapel pin is best for you. Most logos work with any of the types listed above, but some logos that have small, delicate details we will recommend what may be best for you when making up your order. If you need more guidance, we will gladly give you recommendations of the best fit for your needs over the phone or by email. 

What goes on the back of the pin?

This is another aspect of lapel pins that you have a large variety to choose from. You have many different options when it comes to keeping the pin attached to the garment such as the butterfly clutch, tie tack, military clutch, rubber clutch, the safety clasp, the magnetic closure, the screw and nut, and of course, the traditional stick pin. If you’d like a pin that will not produce any hole punchers in the garment, we recommend the magnetic closure. If you are more concerned with your pin never coming off, we recommend the screw and nut. In the end, probably the most common backings chosen are any of the clasps or clutches.